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Engineering Software With Care And Commitment

We design and build software products for desktop, We design and build software products for desktop, web, mobile, and connected devices.We value excellence in execution and deliver complex software solutions to businesses all around the world.web, mobile, and connected devices.We value excellence in execution and deliver complex software solutions to businesses all around the world.

A Place That Helps Growth of Your Work

Our quality assurance services aim for the high quality of your software, no matter if your app is soon to be released or already on the market.

Mobile Development

We’ve been designing and building great mobile apps for over a decade and take pride in our approach to building award winning apps.

Game Development

Comtrade Gaming develops games for different end platforms, from online to the latest mobile, including Android, iOS, and Windows. Games for mobile devices can be implemented as native apps or browser based HTML5 applications.

Embedded Software

Embedded systems can be used to control the set functions of hardware devices, machinery and appliances. These functions can then be controlled by a larger system.

Complex Software Solutions​

Software underlies modern life, keeping everything from mobile phone networks functioning to planes in the air, but ensuring increasingly complex systems stay free of faults has become an epic task.​

Web Development

This tool offer companies with a podium for the requisite web presence and allows them to dive in with millions of web surfers globally, deepening the range of their prospect.

Software Maintenance

As software maintenance agreements go, this one is short, straightforward and easy to use. Application of software updates and upgrades.

Survey Big Data Analyzer

This application covers the entire process of gathering, modeling, and interpreting large amounts of data, gathered from surveys.

● Ruby on Rails  ● Python ● Cassandra ● Spark

We Provides All Facilities For Better Work Environment

We take pride in providing all the necessary facilities to ensure a comfortable and productive work environment for our employees. From comfortable workspaces to advanced technology, we prioritize our employees’ well-being and provide a range of amenities such as break rooms, healthy snacks, and regular training opportunities to foster a positive work culture.

Facility Manager

A Facility Manager is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and operations of buildings and equipment to ensure they are functioning optimally.

Friendly Price Package

Friendly Price Package refers to a pricing plan that is affordable and accessible to a wide range of customers.

Affordable Pricing Plans for Your Business

Our company offers a range of affordable pricing plans to help your business succeed without breaking the bank. Our plans are tailored to your specific needs and budget, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment. Choose a plan that fits your requirements and watch your business thrive.

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